Ep.24 Matt Bramlette Midcoast Modern

Matt Bramlette may just be the coolest designer-turned-shop-owner we know. After having worked at firms like Two West and Barkley, he has set up shop at 2119 Washington Street with Mid Coast Modern. MCM offers an awesome selection of hand-picked local, and not-so-local goods including hats/shirts from Aaron Draplin, candles from Pickwick & Co., coffee from META Coffee Roasters, and more! Check out this episode with Matt to hear more about his career and shop. Shop local!

Instagram: @midcoastkc

Ep.23 Aaron Weidner

We had the pleasure of meeting Aaron Weidner at the FBOS event that AAF-KC hosted a few weeks ago. Aaron dazzled us with his quick copy critiques and on-the-spot thinking. The more we got to know him, the more intrigued we became. Aaron is a painter turned copywriter, and now works freelance while constructing custom pieces of furniture from reclaimed materials.

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Ep.22 Happy 1st Birthday to Us!

October marks the one year anniversary of CMYKC! This time last year, the crew sat down and recorded an episode to get to know each other and express our hopes for the future of the podcast. After an update from Steve and Abigail, listen to us talk about how we met and how we got involved in the local creative scene in the first place!

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Ep.20 John & Cate of The Photo Bus

While it started in Kansas City, the Photo Bus now graces the streets of several cities across the US. There's a very real chance that you've seen the beautiful red VW van parked outside of an event, at an office party or wedding, or cruising around downtown KC if you live in the city, but did you know she has a name? Find out all about the fleet in this weeks episode of CMYKC. Cate & John DePrisco were kind enough to sit down for a chat in their Crossroads studio to talk photography and make a special announcement!

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Ep.19 Jason Elm of Barkley

After working with some major clients like Playstation, Expedia, and Coors Light, Jason Elm moved from California to Kansas City, MO as the Executive Creative Director for Barkley. After a quick tour of their downtown office, we talked with Jason about his career and the move to KC. With fantastic moments of insight like "they can take your execution, but they can never take your idea," we're pleased to present Episode 19 of CMYKC with Jason Elm. 

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Ep.17 Alistair Tutton of Vox Theater

Alistair Tutton is the owner/operator of the Vox Theater in Rosedale, but he's also a professional photographer with clients such as The Sundry, Feast Magazine and the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. Give this episode a listen for Alistair's thoughts on what it takes to be the best pro photographer you can be. 



Ep.16 Tab Treml of Creature Feature FX

Tab Treml is the Owner-operator of Creature Feature FX, a special effects studio right here in Kansas City. Tab has worked with local haunted houses, film producers and theater companies (including some wig work for the Starlight Theater) to create monsters, rip limbs from actors, and thrill directors and audience members alike. In this week's episode, we discuss the FX scene in KC, her recipe for realistic fake blood, and more!

Ep.15 Kelly Ludwig

Kelly Ludwig was our guest for this week's episode. Apart from being an incredible designer (including projects such as her app "Best Road Trip Ever!" and many books for the Kansas City Star), Kelly is a professor at the Kansas City Art Institute and spends her free time road tripping across the U.S. documenting detour art amongst other things. 

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Ep.14 Calvin Arsenia of Buena Terra

Calvin Arsenia joins the CMYKC Podcast to talk about some very cool work that he is a part of. He tells us about his upcoming show at Boulevardia, his music, and the work that comes from Buena Terra. Buena Terra is a graphic design and branding company located here in Kansas City. We dive into some of the philosophy and deep emotional impact that art and music can leave on an audience. A big "Thanks!" to Calvin for joining us for this episode!



Ep.13 Justin Watkins of Native

Justin Watkins is one of our favorite KC creatives. His mind for business and marketing constantly blows us away. It was an absolute pleasure to sit down with him for this week's episode to discuss his career and the recent evolution of Native from a running list of interviews with some of the coolest people in town into a complete marketing strategy. Listen to the episode to find out how you can get involved with the revamped Native!



And here is the Notebook to Native video Justin mentioned towards the start of his interview: http://nativekc.com/our-story/



Ep.12 Stephane Scupham of VisitKC

We feel so very grateful to have had the chance to sit down with Stephane Scupham for this week's episode. Stephane is the KC Film Commissioner at VisitKC. Not only is she in charge of assisting productions that film in the Kansas City area, but she also draws folks to the area through the promotion of KC as a destination for film, TV, commercials and more. In this week's episode, we talked about her career, the upcoming Maker Faire, and so much more. Huge "Thanks!" to Stephane for taking time out of her insanely busy schedule to sit down with us for this episode!

Ep. 11 Brendan O'Shaughnessy of Ocean & Sea

Brendan O'Shaughnessy is quite possibly one of the sweetest creatives in the Kansas City area. Together with his wife, Amanda, they began the super awesome company Ocean & Sea. We had an absolutely lovely time talking with Brendan about his career, his company, his involvement with the air guitar community, and more for this week's episode.


Ep. 10 Nate Hofer of VML

Nate Hofer is a designer, family man, and extremely talented musician. We talked about his career and how it shifted through firms like Willoughby and Hallmark before he landed as an art director with VML. Stay tuned after the interview for a teaser from Nate's band's latest album: Long Shot of Hard Stuff, and be sure to check out the rest of the teaser here: http://rexhobartandthemiseryboys.bandcamp.com/album/long-shot-of-hard-stuff-teaser 
 Nate's site: http://natehofer.com/ 
and his Behance: https://www.behance.net/natehofer

Ep. 06 Ron Greenfield

From New York to Hollywood, Ron Greenfield has an incredible background in the entertainment scene. From his career as a senior creative with CBS/FOX to his work with the legendary Aaron Spelling as Vice President of Marketing and Creative Services at Spelling Entertainment, he has concepted and worked on the marketing campaigns for many films such as Star Wars “The Empire Strikes back” & “Return of the Jedi,” “Freeway” “Rocky II” and many many more.

Not only that, but he also held the position of Chief Marketing Officer at Software Magic, where he worked with companies such as  Electronic Arts, Dreamworks Interactive, and Lucas Arts on game development and online projects.

He has done some amazing work, and he continues to write about the  industry through his website: Aspectsofentertainment.com. He writes articles, creates videos, and is kind enough to appear on blogs such as ours. His site really is a goldmine for anyone wanting to either break into the industry or immerse themselves in the creative world. 

Along the lines of writing, Ron is also currently offering his ebook, "A Sneak Peek Behind the Curtain" free on his site, so be sure to check that out. It has great insight to different aspects of the industry through different professions.