Ep.20 John & Cate of The Photo Bus

While it started in Kansas City, the Photo Bus now graces the streets of several cities across the US. There's a very real chance that you've seen the beautiful red VW van parked outside of an event, at an office party or wedding, or cruising around downtown KC if you live in the city, but did you know she has a name? Find out all about the fleet in this weeks episode of CMYKC. Cate & John DePrisco were kind enough to sit down for a chat in their Crossroads studio to talk photography and make a special announcement!

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Ep.17 Alistair Tutton of Vox Theater

Alistair Tutton is the owner/operator of the Vox Theater in Rosedale, but he's also a professional photographer with clients such as The Sundry, Feast Magazine and the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. Give this episode a listen for Alistair's thoughts on what it takes to be the best pro photographer you can be.