Ep.44 Andrew London

Andrew London is a Digital Business Analyst who does R&D at NIC Inc. NIC is an information service provider for federal and state government across the US. Drew is a virtual reality developer and coder with experience developing for the latest VR an AR headsets. We talk about his experience working in radio, tech, and how he has been involved with local development projects.

Special thanks to Reactor Design Studio for sponsoring this week's episode! 

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Ep.43 Rob Vossmeyer of Tom's Town Distilling Co.

Did you know that Kanas City was a pretty heavily mob-run town during prohibition? This week we sat down with Rob Vossmeyer, Head Distiller at Tom's Town Distilling Company, to discuss the history behind the Tom's Town brand, what goes into creating award-winning spirits, exciting upcoming projects and more!

Special Thanks to Reactor Design Studio for sponsoring this week's episode! 

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Ep.42 Aaron Draplin

Abigail flew all the way to Portland, OR to catch up with Aaron Draplin for this week's episode. They talked about Portland, Kansas City, what it takes to make a book, designing for friends, and more.

Aaron Draplin, the founder of Draplin Design Co., is a Portland-based design badass. With clients from Snowboard Magazine to Cobra Dogs, Aaron specializes in bold logo design and branding. See some of his work, order his book, and buy some DDC merch by visiting Draplin.com

Special thanks to Reactor Design Studio for sponsoring this week's episode!

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Ep.40 Cherry Pit Collective

Four awesome chicks sat down for this 40th episode of CMYKC! Our host, Abigail, met up with Kelsey Pike (the Director of Cherry Pit Collective, paper maker, and all-around creative), Adri Luna (Associate Director of CPC, installation artist), and Tara Tonsor (CPC member, jewelry maker). They discussed the power of collaborative environments, hopes and dreams for the collective, and more! 

Kelsey: https://www.etsy.com/shop/KelseyPike?ref=l2-shopheader-name
Adri: @adrilunastudio
Tara: Lost & Found Design: https://www.facebook.com/Lost-Found-Design-189312948212/?fref=nf

Special thanks to our sponsor, Reactor Design Studio, for being forever epic, and helping us keep the show running! 

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Ep.36 Nora Frankel

Nora Frankel is a woman with many hats. She’s a silk screening printmaker selling her wares at Mid Coast Modern with punk rock beginnings, she’s a world traveler, and she’s a pastry chef at Andres here in town. We’re so happy we got to sit down with her for a bit to learn more about her!

Huge thank you to our sponsor, REACTOR Design Studio for sponsoring this episode!

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Ep.35 Strange Paper Studio

Strange Paper Studio is an eclectic group of artists in the KC area including a musician, illustrators, animators, and all-around artists. They have recently been slinging their wares at Comicons in the Midwest, and sell prints, shirts and other awesome things through their site: Strangepaperstudio.com. It was awesome sitting down with Keegan Rogers and Shaun Teamer for this week’s episode! 

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Ep.33 Brandon Wilson of Contrabrand

If you've sipped a cup of coffee at Black Dog or a smoothie at Filling Station, if you've slathered Boulevard 80 Acre BBQ Sauce on a rack of ribs, or refueled your creative intrigue with the Numbers Project, you've seen work from Brandon Wilson of Contrabrand. As one of our favorite designers in Kansas City, it was an honor to sit down with Brandon to talk about his analogue methods, skateboarding, and his connection to some of the most epic creatives in town for this episode of CMYKC. 

Check out his work online at contrabrand.net

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Ep.32 Bob Reeder

Celebrate St. Patrick's day with stories from a true Irishman. From performing at Renaissance Festivals and O’Malley's Pub in Weston, to recording his own albums and heading up the Irish Music Association Awards, Bob Reeder is an incredibly talented musician and social advocate. We didn’t really know what to expect from our discussion with Bob, but we ended up with a ghost story, background about O'Malley's Pub in Weston, and insight to how the Weston Irish Fest began. 

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Ep.28 Schwervon!

It's not every day you get to sit down with one of your favorite bands, but that's exactly what we got to do for this episode of CMYKC! Even though they've toured all around the world, Matt and Nan have made Shawnee the home base for their super rad indie musical act, Schwervon!

Nan mentioned a lot of other fantastic bands throughout the course of the interview, so Abigail compiled a playlist on Spotify. You can check that out by following this link: goo.gl/zFxJzJ

And be sure to follow Schwervon! through all their social media channels: Facebook: www.facebook.com/schwervon
Twitter / Instagram: @Schwervon
Web: www.schwervon.com

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Ep.27 Clifton Alexander & Chase Wilson of REACTOR

"Designers are naturally curious people." We push the boundaries and constantly seek ways to improve our work and further the visibility of our work for our clients. REACTOR Design Studio pushes the boundaries as hard and as far as the bigger marketing firms in town, and they do it with enthusiasm as bright as their signature orange studio decor. This interview with Clifton Alexander and Chase Wilson will leave you meloned. <- You don't get that joke yet, but you will. Shake off your NYE hangover and enjoy the 27th episode of CMYKC. 

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Ep.26 Jeremy & Kendall Luther of Tiny House Creative

Jeremy and Kendall Luther are an amazing creative duo. Between teaching at the Kansas City Art Institute and battling the challenges of their first real woodworking project, the couple has been focused on designing and building their new home & studio: Tiny House Creative.

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Ep.24 Matt Bramlette Midcoast Modern

Matt Bramlette may just be the coolest designer-turned-shop-owner we know. After having worked at firms like Two West and Barkley, he has set up shop at 2119 Washington Street with Mid Coast Modern. MCM offers an awesome selection of hand-picked local, and not-so-local goods including hats/shirts from Aaron Draplin, candles from Pickwick & Co., coffee from META Coffee Roasters, and more! Check out this episode with Matt to hear more about his career and shop. Shop local!

Instagram: @midcoastkc

Ep.23 Aaron Weidner

We had the pleasure of meeting Aaron Weidner at the FBOS event that AAF-KC hosted a few weeks ago. Aaron dazzled us with his quick copy critiques and on-the-spot thinking. The more we got to know him, the more intrigued we became. Aaron is a painter turned copywriter, and now works freelance while constructing custom pieces of furniture from reclaimed materials.

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Ep.22 Happy 1st Birthday to Us!

October marks the one year anniversary of CMYKC! This time last year, the crew sat down and recorded an episode to get to know each other and express our hopes for the future of the podcast. After an update from Steve and Abigail, listen to us talk about how we met and how we got involved in the local creative scene in the first place!

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Ep.19 Jason Elm of Barkley

After working with some major clients like Playstation, Expedia, and Coors Light, Jason Elm moved from California to Kansas City, MO as the Executive Creative Director for Barkley. After a quick tour of their downtown office, we talked with Jason about his career and the move to KC. With fantastic moments of insight like "they can take your execution, but they can never take your idea," we're pleased to present Episode 19 of CMYKC with Jason Elm. 

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Ep.17 Alistair Tutton of Vox Theater

Alistair Tutton is the owner/operator of the Vox Theater in Rosedale, but he's also a professional photographer with clients such as The Sundry, Feast Magazine and the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. Give this episode a listen for Alistair's thoughts on what it takes to be the best pro photographer you can be.